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Youth Education & Libraries

Meets on the third Thursday of the month, 6:30 PM

Kristen Berger and Kevin Reevey, Co-Chairpersons
Members: Murat Akaydin, Avi Flatto-Katz, Audrey Isaacs, Blanche Lawton, Ira Mitchneck and Michele Parker.


The focus of YEL is to engage with the community regarding the quality, needs and accessibility of our public libraries, our youth and youth facilities and our schools.

YEL works with youth, parents, concerned citizens, school and community-based organizations, governmental agencies, and to address the concerns and needs of young people across Community Board 7. Our focus ranges from capital improvements at local libraries to the availability of after school and youth employment opportunities to capacity issues in our school system.

We need at least 50,000 letters of support signed

BEFORE the May 21st hearing


Libraries are an essential part of New York City. Currently, we provide universal six-day service in every branch, offering free access to books, computers, and Wi-Fi, along with teen centers for young people, career help for job seekers, resources for asylum-seekers, and small business support for entrepreneurs.


But if these devastating cuts go through, libraries would be forced to cut yet another day of service, and further reduce the amount of free programs and resources we are able to provide. We don't think that's what New York City deserves. Sign a letter today and tell City leaders: No cuts to libraries.

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