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Housing & Land Use

Meets on the third Wednesday of the month, 6:30 PM

Richard Asche and Tibita Kaneene, Co-Chairpersons
Members: Adam Brodheim, Page Cowley, Louisa Craddock, Saralee Evans, Sheldon J. Fine, Jami Floyd, Miranda Goodwin-Raab, Ira Mitchneck, Klari Neuwelt, Seema Reddy, Polly Spain, Melissa K. Rosenberg, Ethel Sheffer and Howard Yaruss.


The Housing and Use Committee reviews, among other things, all discretionary land use applications, proposed amendments to the City’s Zoning Resolution, issues relating to affordable housing, and improvement of housing conditions in the NYCHA projects properties located in CB7. The Committee also serves as a sounding board and advocate with respect to any issues relating to land use or housing.

Upcoming meeting: 


Additional Resources may be found here: 

  • DOB NOW: register and learn more about their robust online account system. Learn More >

  • City Planning Commission: View Commission reports and schedules of commission meetings and hearings. Learn More >

  • Department of City Planning:

​​         Releases Principles of Good Urban Design Guidebook


DCP's beta Zoning Application Portal (ZAP) search allows the public to find current and historic information about Land Use applications.

  • Featured Project - Citiwide: 

    • ​City of Yes

      • NYC plans to modernize and update our city’s zoning regulations to support small businesses, create affordable housing, and promote sustainability – part of Mayor Eric Adams’ vision for a more inclusive, equitable “City of Yes". Learn more about City of Yes.​

To obtain additional information about housing in our district, please access the following databases by clicking on the button provided below:

Discover information based on address, block/lot, government agency, and program period. To access property information and descriptions of housing subsidy programs, simply click on each address and refer to the Subsidy Programs Guide. 
To get property information and demographic data for any building in Community District 7, simply select a location on the interactive map of all subsidized housing. The map provides information specific to each building's census tract. 
View the interactive map of all rent controlled/subsidized housing in Community District 7, which is updated daily with property details such as proprietor, construction date, number of affected units, and DOB violations. The gain/loss of regulated units for each location from 2007 to 2016 is depicted on a graph.
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