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Please be advised that the Community Board does not hold Full Board or Committee level meetings during July and August, with an occasional exception to deal with time-sensitive matters. 


MCB7 staff will continue to be available during the summer, and we encourage anyone to reach out with any issues or concerns. Community Board 7 will reconvene in September.


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Calendar of Events & Agendas

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Highlights of key topics for upcoming discussion:
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WELCOME to the MCB7 website

We are glad you chose to visit our webpage and learn about our work.

Community Board 7 (CB7) is a local government agency that serves the residents, organizations, businesses, and institutions of Manhattan's Upper West Side. We coordinate City services, advise on local and Citywide policy, and play an integral role in planning/land use, municipal application approvals, and the City budget. 

Learn more about CB7 and NYC's 59 Community Boards HERE

The boundaries of CB7 are from West 59th to 110th Streets, between Central Park and the Hudson River, an area encompassing approximately 205,000 residents. 

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